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Why You Should Play Bingo

Posted by cigarettesandbingo on October 4, 2014
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Bingo: Where It All Began

Bingo is a game of chance that originated in Europe, specifically Italy, in the 1500s. There are actually different ways to play the game which usually depends on where you’re playing. However, at its core the game is exceedingly simple to play and requires only a set of Bingo cards as well as a container where the numbered Bingo balls can be drawn. A Bingo card (US) typically has 5 columns (with each column labeled with a letter from the word ‘BINGO’) and 5 rows filled with random numbers from 1 to 75. For a player to win, the numbers drawn must match with the numbers on his/her card and complete a pattern (diagonals, columns, rows, or the whole matrix).

Bingo, A Game of Chance

What made Bingo such a popular game though? Most people play the game because of the relatively low risks and high rewards. Also, unlike Poker or other casino games, you need not have to strategize or bluff your way to win. If anything, playing Bingo can be likened to buying a lottery ticket. The only time you’ll know whether you’re going to have a chance to win or not is when the numbered balls are drawn. However, compared to your chances of hitting the jackpot in the lottery, the probability of winning a game of Bingo is actually much higher. This is due to the fact that you are not limited to just five or six numbers like with the lottery.

Bingo is a Fun Game to Play

Possibly another reason for Bingo’s popularity is the fact that it’s usually played together with other people. Playing the game by yourself actually defeats the purpose the game since you know that you’re going to win by default. When played with others, the game becomes more enjoyable and competitive. Additionally, the randomness of the game adds for a lot of replay value. You’ll seldom have the same order of numbers drawn and the likelihood of two cards being similar is pretty low. Combined with the prizes (which are usually monetary if you’re playing in a bingo hall or online casino), these simple mechanics make the Bingo an addicting game.

Always Practice Moderation

Due to the fact that it can be addictive, one should practice moderation when playing Bingo. Although the risks are relatively low compared to what you can possibly win, being addicted to playing this game is still unhealthy. One way to discern if you’re close to being addicted is by observing your emotions and reactions when you’re playing the game. Most people who can’t seem to stop playing the game are also highly emotional. Another thing you’ll need to do is to make sure to take breaks and allocate enough time for other responsibilities and activities. It’s never acceptable to neglect your responsibilities to your family or work just because you wanted to play one more game. Finally, since Bingo is a game of chance, you’ll have to accept the fact that you’re not going to win all the time. What’s important is that even if you do lose, you still enjoy playing the game.

The Perfect Guide for Online Casino

Posted by cigarettesandbingo on October 20, 2012
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The Perfect Guide for Online Casino

Nowadays traditional casino was able to upgrade its system by implementing it through the internet. It’s now known as online casino.

In building an online casino, ones must have to make it very user friendly and will not put too much pressure on the players specially the newbie.

Choosing the right online casino must be taken seriously. For your safety, you must select licensed and well regulated casino. These casinos will ensure you an absolute protection and security from any hackers while providing you high class of entertainment.

After a player selects his/her desired casino, he/she then decide what payment method to be used. Payment method should be trusted and verified in order to make a very secure money depositing.

Usually most of online casinos nowadays provides limited budget for those new players. Fortunately, these casinos offer you many games options like the slot games which are appropriate for starters.

Slot games offer the players with many opportunity and benefits including big jackpots and sign-up bonuses. Moreover, slot games contain less rules and a player don’t have to obtain special skills. These what makes slot games best for starters.

Frequently most of the new players are still confuses about online casino. That’s why these casinos provide online tutorials that would help starters know the basic mechanics of the game.

Online casino offers free games that would allow players to practice improving their skills until they were ready to deal with the real game that would bet their money.

Again, the secret of a successful online gambler relies on choosing the right online casino that would provide you the safest and reliable way of playing and also selecting the right payment method to be used that will assure you a very secure online transaction.

By following those methods, rest assure, you will be able to enjoy the different benefits and opportunities these casinos are offering.

Online casinos are made for your entertainment whenever and wherever you are.

You can also check out their detailed slot reviews like their scarface game.


Bingo: from UK to the rest of the world

Posted by cigarettesandbingo on September 29, 2012
Categories: News

The game Bingo has been part of the social life in United Kingdom through the years. The fun of playing this game started way back 1600’s and has been keep in history thanks to millions of people who have been in loved with this game.

Bingo actually came from an Italian Lottery which is known as Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia. The game was then love by the people and from there bingo lovers keep on increasing. As time goes by, Bingo keeps on expanding from Italy to the different areas in the Globe. The game Bingo has became very famous that’s why many establishments such as those of commercial buildings were made in United Kingdom. Those commercial building is made in order to abide their Betting and Gaming Act of 1960.

As we all know United Kingdom is divided into four major regions namely: Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Great Britain. Indeed, this place is reported to be one of the major funs of the game Bingo. But not only was United Kingdom, in fact, Bingo used as an educative tool in Germany.

In playing Bingo, one must use what is so called ticket or cards. Those materials contain different numbers on the grids or the spaces between the intersection of the rows and columns. Normally, a common bingo ticket is made up of twenty-seven spaces that were put together, particularly, in 3 rows and 9 columns. Commonly, there are 3 numbers which are assign in every column, however, still it’s possible that every column might contain either one or two numbers. Each column in the ticket is assign with their own designated ranged of numbers.
The one who will randomly select the numbers and calls it out is called the caller. Each time a player get the right number in his ticket, he/she then marked it out then he will repeat the process until a player is able to mark off all the numbers that he requires in order to win the game.

If a player able to complete his/her requires numbers then he will call out the caller in order for the caller to confirm if he really is the winner.

BigTimeBingo $5 free

Posted by cigarettesandbingo on April 27, 2012
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The games featured on this site are chat games, bingo, slots, video poker and keno. Many players like to spin some slots while waiting for their bingo game to load up.

The site commonly hosts bingo tournaments that also includes video poker tournaments and slots tournament.

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Where can I smoke and play bingo?

Posted by cigarettesandbingo on November 21, 2011

It is nearly impossible these days to smoke at your local bingo parlour as governments around the world get their hands into our business. In the name of playing a harmless game of bingo sometimes it is easy to say this isn’t right and that they should give us our chance to enjoy bingo in our own environment.

Any bingo player that wants to join they are welcome to do so and they don’t have to enter the building if they don’t want to.  Freedom of choice is what we like to call it.

Well if your state has got in the way of letting you smoke and play bingo at the same thing then forget about ‘em and start playing online bingo.

Yes online bingo is real, legitimate and you can even play slot games. The slots give you something to do while you wait for the next game to load. Online you can play anytime you want and even get bonuses.  When is the last time you went to play bingo and they gave you some free cash.  HA!  Never gonna happen.

Oh and online bingo can be played at home and you can smoke as much as you want and chat with players around the world.  FANTASTIC!

So to answer the question: Where can I smoke and play bingo? Try