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Bingo: from UK to the rest of the world

Posted by cigarettesandbingo on September 29, 2012
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The game Bingo has been part of the social life in United Kingdom through the years. The fun of playing this game started way back 1600’s and has been keep in history thanks to millions of people who have been in loved with this game.

Bingo actually came from an Italian Lottery which is known as Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia. The game was then love by the people and from there bingo lovers keep on increasing. As time goes by, Bingo keeps on expanding from Italy to the different areas in the Globe. The game Bingo has became very famous that’s why many establishments such as those of commercial buildings were made in United Kingdom. Those commercial building is made in order to abide their Betting and Gaming Act of 1960.

As we all know United Kingdom is divided into four major regions namely: Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Great Britain. Indeed, this place is reported to be one of the major funs of the game Bingo. But not only was United Kingdom, in fact, Bingo used as an educative tool in Germany.

In playing Bingo, one must use what is so called ticket or cards. Those materials contain different numbers on the grids or the spaces between the intersection of the rows and columns. Normally, a common bingo ticket is made up of twenty-seven spaces that were put together, particularly, in 3 rows and 9 columns. Commonly, there are 3 numbers which are assign in every column, however, still it’s possible that every column might contain either one or two numbers. Each column in the ticket is assign with their own designated ranged of numbers.
The one who will randomly select the numbers and calls it out is called the caller. Each time a player get the right number in his ticket, he/she then marked it out then he will repeat the process until a player is able to mark off all the numbers that he requires in order to win the game.

If a player able to complete his/her requires numbers then he will call out the caller in order for the caller to confirm if he really is the winner.

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